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VR-fitting of building materials, interiors and real estate
Every detail is important in home renovation and interior improvement. Have you ever had this: you want to order tiles for the kitchen, but you are not sure if it will match the furniture? How often do your clients face such difficulties?
Factors slowing down the purchase:
When purchasing a home, it is impossible to view real estate with different interior and / or renovation options;
When choosing the design of a room or apartment, it is difficult to visualize the interior in order to make the best decision for the client;
When buying building materials, it is not always clear how the material will look in application and in combination with the buyer's furniture.
We propose to give your clients the opportunity to solve these problems in one step - put on VR glasses in order to "try on" interior details, room design, or even walk around the future apartment in a specially designed application. And with the help of augmented reality technologies, you can see how your product will look in the client's apartment.
Who is VR fitting suitable for?
If your business is related to construction, furniture sales and production - to show the product in the client's finished interior;
If you work with real estate - to help you become familiar with housing and possible options for its transformation.
If you are engaged in interior design, we will help your client to perceive the result of your services holistically, in VR format.
best practice
Demonstration of tiles in the interior from Bauservice
Bauservice is a major distributor of ceramic tiles and sanitary ware. When a client comes to a store, it can be difficult for him to understand how a particular tile will look in the interior and with what colors to match.

To do this, the buyer can use VR glasses to view several toilet or bathroom options using the company's product, and immediately discuss other possible concepts with the designer or consultant.
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