Business task
Develop a mobile application for a b2b online store one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of pet products in Russia Valta Pet Products
  1. Let your business start working with Valta Pet Products directly from your mobile phone

    When logging into the application, the user needs to log into an existing account or register a new one. Registration is adapted to the type of business the user is engaged in and allows you to enter and upload all the necessary documents directly in the application. After that, it allows you to set a key code and biometric authorization to protect data.

    2. We make convenient navigation, search and filtering by catalogue

    The user on the main screen receives a list of recently ordered products, and can also use the search or view the entire catalogue. The catalogue is divided into categories and subcategories, and inside the subcategory, filtering and sorting by more than 7 characteristics are available.

    3. We help the user collect the basket

    For each product, the user opens a detailed page with pictures, videos and product characteristics. The application also shows similar weights and colours so that the user can choose the appropriate and related products so that they don't forget anything when checking out.

    4. We flexibly configure order parameters and do not forget about user bonuses

    When placing an order, it is possible to return to the list of selected products, view items from previous orders, and also set up a delivery format: self-pickup from the warehouse or delivery to the branches of the user's company by courier. The user also selects the number of loyalty points to be redeemed, the payment method and the desired delivery date from those offered.

    5. We return the user to the application and help develop the business

    We have implemented push notifications in the app to provide the user with news, order statuses and other useful information. Inside the iOS app, there is a built-in forum where users can share useful content on the topic, as well as augmented reality (AR) functionality for trying on zoo equipment in the space of their branch.
The application was launched in stages for flexible adaptation to needs. Starting from the catalogue for 1 year, the application received powerful working functionality with connected analytics services, which allowed Valta Pet Products to increase sales of their products. Now the application has more than 50k. positions of goods, and also regularly notifies users about new offers, allows you to save cashback on purchases, share experiences on forums and place orders with delivery.
Stages of work
Creation of a minimal product for the exhibition ParkZoo 2019
Approval of the terms of reference, a set of functionality for the full application
Development of functionality for viewing the catalogue, adding products to the cart
Development of 5 types of registrations for 5 types of users: Breeders, Pet stores, Vet. clinics, Vet. doctors, Groomers
Connecting the logic of working with the user profile, developing the logic for placing orders
Combining the catalogue and user roles into a single application
Development of loyalty programs for each type of business
Development of a forum inside the application, AR functionality for iOS users