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  • 2 years on the market, our experience is confirmed by the portfolio
  • We manage risks and legally guarantee the result (exact price and terms, NDA, transfer of rights)
  • We help to prepare a project for development for free
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Our portfolio
How to determine readiness for development?
Not ready if:
  • The value of your product idea lies in the wow effect, but there is no clear understanding of what measurable benefit it will give
  • You want to create a competitive advantage by introducing new technologies into your business, but don't know where to start
  • You don't want to independently engage in R&D for your business and are ready to delegate this task to specialized experts
Develop a concept
Ready if:
  • You have a textual description of the product requirements (user story / functional description)
  • You clearly understand what problem you solve with the product and how VR / AR will help you
  • You want to develop a targeted solution (for example, a VR simulator or "trying on" a product in augmented reality)
  • You want to develop a new product with a reference to a competitive solution
More details
What does the development process look like?
Before signing the contract. Pre-sale.
We believe that only work for the result and the first free, but useful step helps to assess how much we match each other in values and to make a decision on further cooperation.
Therefore, we, as experts, help:
Describe user experience
Description of user actions in the framework of using the product.
Formulate a functional development task
Description of the functionality of the product.
Estimate the cost and development time
which will be fixed in the contract.
Develop a demo version to demonstrate the work of the selected technology
Prepare a project for Development
After signing the contract. Development.
When creating a new product, it is important to reduce the difference between the customer's expectations and the result of the developers. We divide the work into stages, the result of which is to strengthen the customer's confidence that we are doing exactly what is required.
Technical task
Writing a technical description of a product for developers
Visualization of the interface and all graphic elements of the product
Development of program code, testing and demonstration of results
Publishing an app to Apple Store, Google Play, Oculus Store
Technical support and improvements
What clients say about us
Irina Golovchenko
The team worked professionally in all directions. I would like to thank Horum Dev for a significant contribution to the successful presentation of Valta at the ParkZoo exhibition, as well as for the opportunity to further use the developed technological solutions to implement Valta's mission - raising the culture of caring for pets, caring for their happiness owners, business prosperity of our clients Read full version
Alexey Miroshnikov
Managing partner in Metaskills
ВAs a result, an application for tablets and mobile devices was developed using augmented reality. It formed the basis of our commercial project http://invest-island.ru Invaluable experience gained 🙂 We are ready to recommend the Horum company for the development of new solutions.. Read full version
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What other tasks do we solve
Selection of equipment and technologies
Quality audit of 3d models
Formation of requirements for 3D models for VR / AR projects
Construction of the production of 3D models by the staff of your company
Project audit after previous developers
MVP development for demand testing
How much does development cost?
If you need a superficial assessment
"10 thousand or 100 thousand", "100 thousand or 1 million USD" - we will announce the order of the numbers based on our experience in working through more than 100 projects.
If you need an accurate estimate
We recommend passing the Pre-sale stage. It is free of charge and as a result - it will give you a detailed description of the project and an accurate estimate of investments, fixed at the contract level.
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