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Making custom furniture?
We will increase customer confidence through innovative technology
We will introduce innovations
By uploading a furniture model to our service, you receive a unique link with which you can try on furniture using your phone
We will speed up the sales process
The furniture customer, in most cases, is not completely sure of his purchase. We make the client's choice more confident by providing a unique furniture fitting service
We will bring more clients

After the introduction of our service into the buying process, no client will leave upset, on the contrary, many will learn about your business
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About us - Horum
Our company has been developing augmented and virtual reality technologies for more than 2 years, satisfying the needs of each customer to the maximum. The technologies we offer are the latest in the augmented reality market. The implementation of our technologies never gets noticed.
Why us?
We will increase the conversion up to 40%
The client will be confident in his purchase as never before: now he will know for sure whether it will fit in size and color or not
We will attract new clients
Satisfied customers will advise your business to other people who later turn to you.
Let's take at a minimum
The cost of our service is equal to the average monthly salary of a sales manager - 1k USD per month
We will approach each one individually
If necessary, we can make detailed analytics and much more
Let's show
We will tell you how to load models correctly, and then introduce them into the sales process
Let's test
We provide 3 days of free use so that you can understand what we want is to make your business better
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