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AR-fitting of clothes, cosmetics, jewelry
The thoughtfulness of every detail of the appearance is important for your clients - if you work with wardrobe items, cosmetics and accessories. It often happens that the purchased product, when used, does not meet the expectations of the buyer. Imagine how great it would be to be able to try on your hair color?
This is possible, because you can develop special applications of augmented and virtual reality that allow you to look at your product in use!
A virtual fitting room will help your clients:
Try on several models of clothes or jewelry, see how they combine with other wardrobe items, and make the best choice;
Use cosmetics in real time - the buyer will be calm when purchasing the product: he already knows how the product will look, taking into account the characteristics of his face and color type.
You should try AR fitting if your company:
Engaged in the production and sale of cosmetics;
Manufactures and sells jewelry and home and interior decorations;
Manufactures clothing.
best practice
Interactive shoe fitting with Wanna Kicks
It can be overwhelming to go shopping in search of a suitable model, and the photos from the site do not provide any information on how the shoes will look on the feet.

In the Wanna Kicks app, you can virtually try on your sneakers before purchasing. First, the application determines the position of the foot in space and its parameters, and then displays the shoes selected by the client.
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